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How do I know if I'm on track for retirement? Will I retire on time and have enough money for retirement?

Ready to see who you will be financially 3-5 years from now??

Top Tips to Get Wealthy Quick

It’s hard to predict the stock market! It’s hard to predict the Real Estate market! It’s hard to predict if our car will start in the morning. 

If you’re in a relationship it’s even harder to predict your spouse or partner’s moods 🙂

So is it even possible to guarantee that you’re on track to be wealthy and retirement ready??? Financial advisors say, Past performance is No guarantee of future performance. So maybe you’ve made some good financial moves and investments in your past. 

Did you make a good decision to marry your spouse? Some of you will say Yes absolutely, and some of you will say sometimes yes and sometimes No. Some of you will even say, “it is what it is. Whether it was a good decision or bad, I’m stuck and committed to the outcome”

Well, we may not be able to help your marriage decision at this point, but we can make a difference in how your relationship is working out. Relationships and Money are a lot alike. If you don’t get advice on how to plan your money then you’ll end up broke. If you don’t get advice on your relationship, then your marriage will end up broke. 

Here’s a link on how to get help with your relationship –10 Day Challenge to a Perfect Relationship.


There’s information about your relationship, now here’s the good info regarding your money and retirement.

Here’s a question, do you trust yourself that you’ll be able to continue making those great financial decisions on your own like you did in the past? You’re probably a little bit older than you were back then. Maybe you’re a lot older than back then. Will you have the same access to information that you did back then? And here’s the worst part, do you have the mental capacity and/or ability to create more finances now in the event you make a bad or slightly off decision?

The answer is Yes it is possible to trust yourself and predict who you will be 3-5 years from now! We’ll provide tips on how to improve who you will become.

It has been said countless times:

“Who you will become in 3-5 years will be based upon”


    • Who you hang around and spend time with

    • The books that you read

Look this isn’t rocket science, but let’s look at it this way, I can hang out with my rich friends all day and read the books they read… but without action, the right type of action, I will not get any richer!

Or I could keep re-reading the same books on audible or going to seminars, but still not grow.

Doing the same thing over and over, year after year and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Start approaching and making decisions differently, starting now, than you ever have!

A donkey can stand next to stallions all day and hang out with them, even eat and drink the same food. But at the end of 3-5 years the donkey will still be a donkey, just 5 years older. (Remember the movie Shrek? The donkey hung out with Shrek all day long, but at the end of the movie he was still just a donkey.)

But on the other hand if that donkey had a trainer that didn’t know he was a donkey, then he’d have a bit of a chance to become a stallion.

Was it Tiger Woods that said something along these lines: 


    • Just because you hang out on a golf course next to pro golfers, and read the same golf technique books, doesn’t mean in itself that you’ll become a great golfer… You have to put in the practice. And most importantly, You have to get a coach!! 

Greatness is not attainable without 

a coach that helps you reach that goal.

Let’s revise the age old cliche statement of you’ll become who you hang around and the books you read. Lets live by the new mantra!


    • “Who you will become financially over the next 3-5 years will be directly based on the Financial Coaching you receive!”

So if I rephrased the above statement it would read like this:

“Who you will become in 3-5 years will be based upon”


    • Who you hang around and spend time with

    • The books that you read, and

    • Who you have coaching You in life! 

What does:

Donald Trump, Lebron James, Bill Gates, and even Tony Robbins all have in common? (and you moving forward too)

They all have and get  Financial Coaching!!

Ask yourself right now, In the last 3-5 years of your life, have you had a Financial Coach?

Not just a personal trainer, or eating healthy diet coach, but an actual full blown Financial Coach for specifically that.

If you answered “NO” you haven’t, then there shouldn’t be any question as to why you haven’t reached your financial goals or feel abundant yet. 

Where would you be right now if you had been using a Financial Coach? Would you be traveling more? Would you be experiencing a paid off house mortgage? Would you be feeling great because you no longer carry credit card interest debt? What would it be like to reach all of your goals? My goals were the same as yours, to be able to:


    • Buy 5-rental properties in 5 years.

    • Take the kids to Disneyland and actually stay in the Park and not miles away and walk

    • Payoff mom and dads mortgage 

    • Give out Scholarships to high school Grads

    • Buy the new Mercedes with the massaging and air conditioned seats

    • Move out of your neighborhood into a plush gated retirement community

Ok not all the goals are probably the same, but you get the point. We all want to achieve, receive, and feel Financially Abundant!!!!

So what do you have to do? Here are the tips:


    • Get a Financial Coach Right Now. Coaches are different in their approach than Financial Advisors, or Insurance salesmen. Most advisors operate their practices like Doctors. I know I used to be a financial advisor and had my own practice. You meet the client, ask them a few questions, then give them a prescription. Very seldom does the doctor ask and refer to what’s best for the client. Sometimes the client doesn’t need drugs, sometimes they just need a couple days off work, a referral to a yoga retreat, some chiropractic, and most importantly a referral to a coach that will help them address not the symptoms of financial sickness, but help them identify where the sickness stems from. A Coach to help them discover the limiting beliefs that keep them confined, shackled, and showing up with the same bad financial decisions they’ve been using. Here’s a great website to help you discover what and how Financial Coaching can help you


    • Read the Financial Books. Not all of them. It’s important to find a handful of authors that believe in the direction you;re wanting to go. Here’s a hint. Look for the authors that incorporate psychology into the financial planning process. It’s not always what the numbers look like and the projections and quotes. It’s about the WHY you want those numbers, the pain that will sabotage you from those results, and the fears of failing or making bad financial decisions. Money is Not the root of all evil. The lack of money leads to evil. And yes, despite what your last partner or parents said, Yes you can be trusted with money decisions.




    • Attend Financial Seminars. Try to attend at least 2 Financial seminars a year. Not that you need to change or adjust your planning a couple times a year, but to keep yourself confident of what you are doing and that you know you are educating yourself. It also helps tremendously to stay open minded to new techniques, and discoveries that may help you on your path to Financial Abundance faster. (consider doing this for your marriage and relationships also)


    • Take a Financial Quiz to help identify and determine your mile marker of where you are currently. Are you for sure worthy enough to hit a retirement goal? Or are you going to convince yourself that you’ll be happy, and make whatever your retirement and social security look like work, when you retire? Do you find yourself saying, “I make pretty good income, and my retirement projections look like I’ll be fine”

If you are looking for the next level of personal financial growth, or know someone who is, please feel free to share this article with them 🙂

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