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Financial Coaching?

A financial coach helps you get to the next level. Financial coaching is designed to help you get past your roadblocks in life, walk you through what’s been holding you back, and elevate you to a consistent and successful financial future.

Are you currently working with a financial advisor and not getting results? Are you not where you want to be financially?

This is the time for a financial coach.

Traditionally financial advisors give you a financial plan and a road map while financial coaches help you navigate obstacles and are by your side every step of the way. We can help identify and eliminate potential blocks that hold you back on your road to financial success.

Here's How We Can Help!

3-Month Financial Freedom Course

Are you making good money and still not getting ahead?

Are you ready to have revealed what’s been really holding you back from experiencing
True Financial Abundance?

Now’s the time, let’s find out Together.

Are You Financially Fit?

Are you wondering where you stand financially?

Do you want to know know if your current financial plan is taking you closer to achieving your goals?

We’ve created a Quiz to tell you where you stand financially.


New Habits To Replace the Old.

Refreshers are short weekly videos and reminders to stay in Excellence, Focused, and Committed to Financial Freedom.

Abundance and Money are always mental games.

Reasons to Have a Financial Coach

Financial issues are always a thing of the past; they always have an origin. Identifying the origin then allows you to release and move on and rewrite your old belief system. Beliefs are the foundation of all the activities and conversations we have with ourselves and others. If your beliefs are telling you you’re not worthy, that money is scarce and hard to come by, that you find yourself always paying bills and in debt, this is how you’re unconsciously being held back in your life. Identifying your beliefs will help you rewrite your future.
Once the old beliefs have been identified, learning a skill or utilizing time tested proven techniques to remove roadblocks to financial abundance can happen in minutes. Do you want more things, to travel more, to save more? We explore strategies you use when you make decisions about spending. It is these unconscious decisions that dictate your abundance or scarcity when it comes to wealth. Getting rid of old beliefs that you had about money when you were younger and developing a personalized process of emotional release will help you understand your relationship with money, so you can move to the abundant lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.
Get A Clear Step-By-Step Financial Life Plan
Once you’ve gone through a process of identifying and releasing what’s been holding you back, the sky’s the limit. This is where you spread your wings and rise to abundance. Establish what’s important to you, now accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Together we will create a step-by-step strategy and help you achieve your financial goals.
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We Love Our Clients

“I’m so thrilled about this training, and I’m so glad I connected with you! Thanks for the support you are giving me!”

Cinthya V
Long Beach, CA

“Tony James is an incredibly talented, natural coach. His guidance challenged me to think beyond just “finances.” He is a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons he provided motivated me to transform not only my finances but all areas of my life.”

Jessica B, Lincoln

“Sometimes I feel like we’re cheating because you’re so DAMN GOOD!!!”

Jose M
Los Angeles, CA

“During our sessions, P.J. was able to help me get increasingly closer to the core of my fears around money. I didn’t even know how much I had released and transformed, until our last session, when I heard myself talking about raising my prices, and I just started laughing at the miraculously light feeling I now had!”

Tirtzah S
Columbus, OH

“In the limited amount of time I’ve been working with Tony, he has provided a new perspective on my finances that has led me to feel confident and secure in my future financial success!”

Tara S
San Diego, CA

``I’m back, P.J.! I have my drive again! Thank you so much for your guidance! Thank you! Thank you! This is my testimonial from working with P.J. I’m a 27 year old male living in San Diego, California. 3 months ago I was in a very different place mentally than I am today.``

Leonardo B
San Diego, CA
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