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Tips on how you can not feel melancholy during the holiday season

Tips on how you can not feel melancholy during the holiday season…

  1. Don’t Self-Activate, just sit and wait…

Are you honoring the space between you and what God wants to do with you and when he’ll do it. 

Are you Self-Activating or Allowing Divine Activation!!

Like a CIA clandestine operation, agents are quiet and still, and at all times secret and hidden.super powerfully trained agents awaiting for Activation. Waiting the phone call, the message, and replying with the password in order to get the next mission.

You want to be light in this world. You want to impact peoples lives. You want to make a difference in the world. I get it. But the question is are you forcing your light to spread?

Have you found yourself, like me, preparing, and planning, and coordinating to help someone, have a dinner event, entertain for the holidays, etc to only find out and feel after the event that you don’t think you were noticed or recognized for all that you did? Feel unappreciated. Then maybe you find yourself creating self-talk stories in your head about people? Don’t feel alone if you do. Many of us go through this roller coaster of sensations and emotions.

How do we stay level during the holidays? How can you

2. Suspended Your Reality

Suspend it, remove yourself from it.

Are you living in a false mental reality? If you are, this could be the cause of your melancholy. 

Suspend it, remove yourself from it even if temporary for a few moments.

When you can live in the suspended space, you’re no longer manipulated, or shamed into your emotions coming up. So you won’t look at a dating couple and miss being in a relationship. So you don’t look at a mother and daughter having lunch and miss your mom, or look at someone else’s car and wardrobe and think how much you want that and don’t have.

The holidays can have the biggest influence in our reality. 

Suspend or remove yourself from the temporal reality, shift into the suspended, and live a full healthy bright life, free of emotional misses and pains.

Look at it all, squeeze it into a little box. And move it to the side. Then look at that box and realize all those people in there are all on there own journey. The mom and daughter having lunch could be the first time they’ve been together for years. That dating couple is actually two friends of the other friends having an affair, and the girl driving g the car with the expensive stylish outfit just bought all that with the last bit of money from her now ex boyfriend because she caught him cheating so she went and spent all his money.

This is kinda funny I know. But there is some truth to this and the way people live. So if you can suspend the reality you see right now before your eyes in front of you, move it to the side, you’ll see that your life, is the Present itself, to yourself.

Enjoy what you can see right now, feel right now, eat and drink right now. Because maybe all that you’re seeing out there or in that box isn’t really the reality you’re supposed to see.  

Enjoy who you are right now and who you get to be. Be yourself. Have a drink and celebrate yourself. Have a moment of silence to remember the loved ones you were blessed to be a part of and experienced for a while. 

3. Focus Out

Have you heard it said, whenever you find yourself in doubt, to focus out?  This means when you start to feel overwhelmed by emotions within yourself, instead of having a pity party, focus out.  Self-pity is when you’re preoccupied with your own troubles. You feel sorry for yourself.  Every minute you spend hosting your own pity party is 60 seconds you delay working on a solution. Mentally strong people refuse to waste their precious time and energy dwelling on their misery. Instead, they devote their finite resources to productive activities and use that energy to create goodness in the world.  

What does focus out mean?  It means being light and hope for others and showing you care for them.  Not in a superficial way, rather in a deeper level.  Go beyond yourself and care about others.  It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re helping those who are less fortunate. Problems like demanding customers or declining sales don’t seem so bad when you’re reminded that there are people who lack food and shelter. Rather than ruminate on their own inconveniences, mentally strong people strive to improve the lives of others.  

When we focus out, we are able to open our hearts to others.  Have you ever heard the saying “It’s better to give than receive?”  Try it one day.  When you’re feeling melancholy during the holidays, try focusing out.  For example, give a complement to the waitress/waiter and let them know how you appreciate how hard they are working.  You never know, they could be having a rough day with the busyness of the holidays and are overwhelmed.  A simple compliment can brighten their day.

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