The opportunity to work side-by-side with Tony James, and Excelerated Coaching excites me to the max! The vision we share in helping clients Rise To Abundance is amazing. Over the past 20+ years of financial advisory services, no companies come anywhere close to the mechanics of what Excelerated Coaching does. We firmly believe, and our dedicated, to helping people remove self-limiting beliefs targeted around money, and remove long bad-habits, or doubts and fears centered around money. This removal of limiting beliefs in one area of our life, money, shows up and occupies other areas of our lives as well. What you do in one area of your life, you do in other areas.

Investment Advisory, working with both large corporate, and small boutique firms helping clients plan, protect, and invest toward future goals of; Wealth Accumulation, Retirement, 401k/IRA Roll-overs, College education, efficient Estate Transfer, Long-Term Care etc. In addition, We also create sustainable income that clients can count on in retirement. We spend a tremendous amount of time to help protect the wealth they have created from the erosion of taxes, and long-term health events. Business continuation and tax efficient exit strategies are another key focus of my practice.

I have been involved as an Ambassador to the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce since 2007 and I enjoy the volunteer work I do for them and I welcome the opportunity that platform allows to meet some of the great local business owners in this area. This of course when I’m not spending my days traveling and having fun with my two grown children.